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Invest in insight.

Get everything your organization needs to identify inequities, inform decision-making, and create a more level playing field for all—for just pennies per employee per month.

Gender | Race | Age |  LGBTQ+  | Disability | Veteran Status | Generation

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PARiTAinsight provides the most comprehensive and intersectional people analytics available today. The standard subscription plan provides everything you need, all-in-one, with no hidden buy-ups.

  • Private, custom-branded, organizational dashboard, updating in real-time

  • Customized views & permissions for all your people leaders

  • Single sign-on (SSO) login 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Easy exporting to Excel, Power Point, and more

  • Intersectional tracking and analysis

  • Benchmarking within and across industries

  • Ability to:

    • View by date range

    • Upload historical data for longitudinal views

    • Flag key events

  • Organizational views by:

    • Country

    • Region

    • Department

    • Demographic/Identity Groups

    • Job Band/Org Level/Pay Grade

    • And Much More...

  • Real-time charts depicting:

    • Representation

    • Compensation

    • Recruitment

    • Promotion

    • Attrition 

    • Culture

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The most affordable platform of its kind.

Get your comprehensive, intersectional PARiTAinsight subscription

for just pennies per employee per month.

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Up to 1K

(as low as $1.25 per employee per month)

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(as low as $0.29 per employee per month)

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(as low as $0.08 per employee per month)

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​Contact us for
custom pricing

 Plus a one-time implementation fee of 20% of annual contract value.

And coming soon...

For those who want to take their programs even further, we'll soon be releasing the following a la carte tools.

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PARiTApulse is an a la carte survey tool for professionals who want to better understand the impact of their culture on employees.

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PARiTAai is an a la carte predictive and prescriptive analytics tool that empowers you with targeted actions and course corrections to accelerate your progress.

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PARiTAcomply is an a la carte compliance tool to help organizations remain in compliance with ever-changing HR reporting requirements in the U.S. and internationally. 

This is going to be a breeze.


Upload through our direct API integrations with leading HRIS systems or through a simple CSV upload.


We're there for you every step of the way. Typically, you'll be up and running in a matter of days or even hours.

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