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Frequently asked questions

How secure is the PARiTA platform?

We make privacy and security our #1 priority, so that you don’t have to. Our platform meets the most stringent requirements of the US, UK, EU, and EMEA. We are compliant with SOC, SOC2, HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO/IEC, and CCPA.

What do you mean when you say that your platform is “intuitive”?

We have designed the PARiTA interface to be "self-learnable," so that you feel confident and proficient using the platform almost immediately.  

We have a very complicated organization with many divisions, departments and employees scattered throughout the world. Can we use PARiTA for our global business?

Absolutely. We have created an elegant, easy to use platform that allows you to dissect and illustrate your organization any way that you want to see it—regardless of organizational layers or locations.

How is onboarding done and how long does it take? 

We provide hands-on support to every customer as they upload their data. Many are up and running in as little as an hour! 

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