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Practical "how-to guides" for leveling the playing field.

The fact that women and people of color are underrepresented in organizational leadership is the result of many factors–from societal expectations and socialization to organizational practices and culture, to conscious and unconscious bias, and more.

But while the causes are complex, the solutions don’t have to be. Our PARiTAmodel whitepapers outline a wealth of very specific, tangible things that virtually any organization can do, right now, to mitigate the barriers.

Packed with evidence-based best practices.

The PARiTAmodels are based on extensive research and in-depth conversations with organizations that have not only reached–but sustained–diversity in leadership.


Our proprietary framework, organized around three key pillars (Representation, Equality, and Inclusion), empowers organizational leaders with insight into the specific policies, practices, and approaches that the most successful companies employ to ensure that women and people of color have equal opportunities to advance and succeed.

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