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Meet PARiTA,
the most comprehensive and intersectional
people analytics

Images of Parita Dashboards and Analytics

 Simply ask PARiTA for customized responses based on your workforce

Insights | Predictions | Recommendations

Knowledge is power.
Insight is transformative.

PARiTAinsight is a People Analytics platform - powered by AI, that helps organizations make smarter, more strategic talent decisions and improve outcomes.  The platform provides on-demand answers that unlock the full potential of a workforce.  It’s like having a top-tier HR analyst at your fingertips.

PARiTA intersectional workforce analytics

The analytics platform built for people leaders - making it easy to be data-driven & strategic.

Created in partnership with some of the world's most iconic organizations, PARiTAinsight is what the industry has been waiting for.

Unmatched analytics

The most sophisticated and intersectional insights available today. 

World-class security

The most current international security and privacy standards.


The most robust platform of its kindfor pennies per employee.

Ready to harness the
transformative power of real insight?

Parita Comprehensive Workforce Analytics

What customers are saying...

Before PARiTA, people leaders could only dream of having this type of insight at their fingertips.

Finally a platform that enables us to see the whole picture, intersectionally!

PARiTA has enabled real change in our organization, and is ingrained into our strategic planning.

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